Is frustration with software and applications, a common reaction?

The following post is a contribution from Melvin. Reach out to him if you need a photo booth in Richmond, VA. Melvin was inspired to write due to his frustration with his current software and search for a solution.

Everyone who uses computers and mobile devices has experienced problems with software, including operating systems, desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps. Problems range from not being able to install or download the program or app to a computer or mobile device, to a program or an app producing unanticipated results. Depending on the situation, these problems can result in user stress. Many people believe reactions to software problems tend to be more extreme than reactions to problems with other tools. Below, I have evaluated situations in which I have seen people react to program and app problems on their computers and mobile devices. I will discuss how these users …

Disaster Complex

Got a story for you guys!

Back when I was just starting out as a manager in Alabama, we had a three building complex in Daphne, Alabama. If I remember correctly it held eighty or so apartments. Was it a disaster complex because I was new? Maybe… But the biggest reason was the forever cracking roads and potholes every 10 feet. After a month of managing the complex I decided to hire a local paving company, their website is It was getting too expensive for me to continue to hire different contractors every week and I feel like my decision saved us twenty to thirty grand in one year.

A couple of weeks before hiring them, I’ve started a small investigation to find out why the asphalt was cracking and potholes were appearing out of nowhere. It turns out that whoever was laying the …

Girl named Carly

I remember the day Carly moved into the first section of the apartment complex I was running at the time.

She had her whole family helping her to unload pink frilly sofa chairs and elaborately decorated furniture pieces. I could tell from the moment I met her and shook her hand that she was going to be trouble.

I asked her where she came from and she replied with “Beverly Hills, I am only here for college,” complete with a grimacing smirk. You know the types of people who walk around with their nose held high in the air, an aura like they are simply entitled to being better than you?

That was Carly!

For the first  few weeks, everything went smoothly. It was early January and school had just started back up from winter break. Carly was not there very often and whenever I did see …

Right Person for the Job

So, today’s topic is about how to go about finding the right contractors for your apartment complex.  I have worked with many good and bad contractors throughout my career.  I will save my horror stories for another time.  But today, I want to talk about what went right and the first professional contractor I found as an apartment complex manager:  Little Rock Tree Care.…

The Ups and Downs

Hello there!

Apartment managing can truly be a roller coaster ride.

One day you’re dealing with crazy kids running on wet floors or dealing with someone paying their rent late.  On another day, you are welcoming a new family to the building.

You need to have quite a set of skills to hold such a position and above all you must be patient.…

Welcome To WLAA

Welcome to West LA Apartments.

I am Karen and I welcome you to my new blog!

I have been managing large apartment complexes for most of my adult life and have gained a ridiculous amount of experience as well as stories all of which I’ll be sharing with my readers here. Stay tuned and you wont regret it.…